Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines

We want to ensure that the Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Conference is a safe and welcoming place where practitioners can share both their successes and failures, and where real and sometimes difficult conversations can take place. As such, we want to make sure that all attendees feel that they can talk openly and freely to explore ideas, learn, share, and grow.

The following rules are set in place for members of the media:

Everything is off-the-record by default, and explicit verbal or written consent is required for anything that can identify individuals or organizations

  • The media is free to write about overarching themes or sentiments of the conference without permission, but is requested to refrain from specific details that identify people and organization affiliations without explicit written or verbal consent from the person or organization presenting.
  • Media attendees will be identified as such on their conference name badges.

Members of the Media shall be observers and refrain from participating in or influencing discussions

  • The Media is free to ask clarifying questions to individual participants outside of group talks and discussions so long as they follow other press guidelines.

To attend the conference, members of the press must acknowledge that they agree to these guidelines.

Please note that breakfast and lunch are provided for paying conference attendees, and are only available to members of the press who are paid delegates.