Student Rates and Eligibility
We have based the categories of full-time and part-time student registration based on definitions used by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Full-time student

Students are ordinarily accepted as being in full-time enrolment if the university regards them as such. A student is considered a full-time student when he or she regularly attends a college, university, or other educational institution that offers courses at a post-secondary school level.


Full-time attendance begins at the start of each academic period. This period is usually from September to April.


Part-time student

Guidelines to determine if a student is considered a part-time student include:

  • the student is enrolled in a specified educational program;
  • only a few subjects or evening classes are taken;
  • courses are taken only by correspondence; or
  • the student attends classes during the day, however, the student is carrying a minor course load while at the same time devoting the majority of their time to other activities such as employment.

Specified educational program

This is a program that lasts at least three consecutive weeks and requires that each student spend not less than 12 hours of instruction in the month on courses in the program.

So for example, a student enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management programme at Royal Roads University would be considered a part-time student.